Legrand, Louis Auguste Matheiu

Legrand, Louis Auguste Matheiu
(9/23/1863 Dijon-6/12/1951 Livry-Gargan) (France)
   Graphic artist, painter, and draughtsman. Studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Dijon and trained under Felicien Rops in Paris. Like Rops he emphasized the erotic, but not as darkly as his master.
   Reproductions: In the private room; Brusendorff, 1960b: p. 47 . Morning; 1910; etching; Brusendorff, 1966b: n.p. [B].
   [b]Source: Benezit, vol. 8: pp. 748-749; DoA v19: pp. 85-86.

Dictionary of erotic artists: painters, sculptors, printmakers, graphic designers and illustrators. .

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